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Behind The Scenes at NYFW SS '18


Countless hours of work = 10 minutes of fashion show. Have a quick look at what it takes behind the scenes at Supima's runway show. 


Know The Look

If you're backstage at any fashion show or photo shoot, you might see walls of images that stylists, editors, and show runners use for reference during prep time. Mood boards and full look images, like the ones above, usually match the models with the exact garments they're modeling - so there's no confusion during dressing. The full looks are also often numbered in the order that they'll be seen during the show.


Final Moments

Supima Design Competition finalist Alexandra Pijut from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) spends a moment with one of her designs before it hits the runway. Pijut tells Supima that she got her inspiration from her own dream sequences, waking up at the same time daily and recording what she could remember from her dreams that night!


Finishing Touches

Every thread counts! Sometimes, a last minute change occurs and models end up wearing a different look than originally intended. Most brands and designers have someone on staff to do spontaneous fittings and finishing touches so that every piece fits perfectly and looks great for the show.


A Closet Worth Having

I desperately wish to have a closet full of colorful dresses, organized for my daily wearing - but I digress. Backstage at Supima, garments are numbered and hung in order for easy access after they've been steamed. I'll take that yellow gown, thanks.


Technical Walkthroughs

About thirty minutes before the doors open to guests, models are shown around and given runway directions by a show runner. Also, this gives the technical teams (lighting, audio, film, etc.) and the press pit a chance make sure all equipment is working fine and programmed for the show.


It Takes A Village

How many stylists does it take to get that effortless curl? Beauty is probably one of the most underrated elements of a fashion show, because most people keep their focus on the garments. Every single detail of a beauty look for a show is chosen to complement the models' outfits. Makeup artists often spend hours perfecting their techniques beforehand, so backstage preparation is quick and organized.