Brand Strategy


"Heart&Seoul," a trend forecasting project inspired by the culture and beauty of Seoul, South Korea, was done in conjunction with LXFM 740 course curriculum at SCAD. 



Michael Kors Rebranding (excerpts)

This rebranding project was inspired by wanderlust and the new generation of travelers who favor experiences over goods. The following excerpts showcase highlights of the final project done for a graduate level fashion marketing course at SCAD.



TREEHAUS (excerpts)

The Treehaus Project is a concept for a luxury travel agency done during a graduate computer-enhanced design course at SCAD. The final product consisted of a mobile app for iOS prototyped with Adobe Experience Design, a video and photo ads, and a short business plan. 



KENZO for Coachella (excerpts)

"Kenzo for Coachella," is a mock concept pitch for a pop-up store. This project was done during a graduate fashion marketing course at SCAD.