What happens when your creative juices are flowing but they have nowhere to go? I've tried blogging before and, as I reflect on my past writings, they did not exactly represent who I'd like to be in the digital space. It's not for everybody, and I was riding a wave that wasn't for me. I'll graciously concede that type of content creation to the influencers and shining stars of the immensely oversaturated blogging industry. I'm both proud and amazed at the evolution of digital content and social media, and I'm even more impressed with my blogger friends and acquaintances that make a living while inspiring us with their travels, fashion, beauty, and family stories. However, you won't be reading about the top ten best lipsticks for Fall, and you won't be seeing many outfit posts here.

I knew it was time to transform this space. When I was conceptualizing what I wanted to bring to Opulent Musings, I thought about how often I get frustrated while looking for new opportunities for my work and myself. Spending hours and hours per day staring at screens - consuming, searching, worrying without releasing or creating anything of my own. 

I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.
— Oscar Wilde

I started thinking about how unhealthy it was for my creative psyche to keep waiting, reading, and consuming things without giving myself another chance at self-expression. I won't be embellishing my life for the sake of a blog post. I struggle with certain things on an almost-daily basis, and I don't have the energy to be inauthentic for clicks. I'm simply going to share the stories that inspire me - either about my life, or someone else's - and stick to what I know. I'll be taking my emotions and channelling them into this new space, a narrative that's specific and unique to me. Visual art and media is my forte, but words can sometimes say things that images can not. Before you say it, yes: "A picture is worth one thousand words." Aside from my images, I'd still like to write a few hundred words here and there. Is that okay?

I hope that while you're here you find something you've been looking for. I hope that I find something I've been looking for too. As someone with a journalistic background, I communicate with storytelling in every form. What might not be said through my words could be said with my images (and vice versa.) Either way, I want Opulent Musings to be a noise-free feed of my thoughts that start conversations between me and you. It's time to transform this space, and I'm dedicating it to my aspirations for an imaginative, creative, and fulfilling life. Here's to me, finally.

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